domingo, 24 de abril de 2011


Ecce carmen quod ad nos misit Martinus Zythophilus


Mors tenebraeque diu te non potuere tenere,
quem flagris dederant, Christe, crucique mali,
Tartareoque redis e carcere uictor, ut omnes
morte tua et reditu uita nouata iuuet.
Omnis terrarum te laudet, te canat orbis,
atque hic det Domino carmina laeta dies!

Death and darkness couldn’t hold you for long, Christ,
whom bad men had given to the flagella and the cross,
and you return victoriously from Hades’ dungeon, so that
life renewed by your death and return makes all rejoice.
All the world shall praise you, shall sing you,
and this day shall give joyful songs to the Lord.